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About Project Code

Project Code has been designed with an objective to help programmers by providing a free and complete source code that can be used in their own applications. This website is very useful for IT Developers and Professionals to exchange their knowledge and experience by using various interactive online methods such as contributing articles, discussion forums, books, and videos. This website is an idea of three professionals who wants to help those struggling to get specific details/code to complete their programs as well as helping them keep up to date with the latest technologies.

Team at Project Code

Project Code is run by a team of IT professionals who has vast practical experience in the field of development, languages, web designing, coding, database etc. Member of the team has also working experience of Corporate business houses. We ensure our service with quality and commitment.

Vision of Project Code

We have started off with the codes of various languages viz. C, C++, JAVA, DOT NET, PHP, JQuery, CSS, HTML etc. to help in programming and development. Our vision is :
- To enhance the use of technology by Development in various field.
- To incorporate various website templates and resources to help in designing the website in a very effective manner.
- All updates with regard to upcoming technology will be flashed on the website.

About Team Members

Aqmal Arfi

Software Developer(Senior)
His programming experience includes C/C++ , HTML , CSS , JQuery , Ajax , C#, SQL Server 2012, WCF , WPF, ASP.NET

Faisal Khan

Software Developer
His programming experience includes C/C++ , HTML , CSS , JQuery , Ajax , C#, SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET

Priyanka Jawa

Software Developer
Her programming experience includes C/C++ , HTML , CSS , JQuery , Ajax , C#, SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET
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